About Us

Digitalising the sport and fitness industry.

Our Story

We started building Okrabook to make complex online booking and management easy and user-friendly for the sports and fitness industry. Our founders had years of experience in sport and fitness industry and know that having happy and engaged members are key for the business growth. So we built Okrabook to provide first class service to your members and the most effective business management for your academies and centres.

Okrabook is designed to enable sports and fitness entrepreneurs and companies to grow their business and improve sports offering.

We are constantly evolving Okrabook to keep it up to date to the latest technology and it is mainly driven by our customer requirements.

What Our Customer Say

" Okrabook is highly efficient and user-friendly booking system, it has significantly contributed to the increase in our revenue. It makes the booking process quick and easy for our customers, and our coaches love it. "

- Ivy Candelaria Apex Sports - UAE

" We simply love Okrabook - it has everything, it has made our life much easier and had significantly cut down our admin work. Our customer really appreciates the convenience of seeing our schedule and booking lessons, saving us and them a lot of time. "

- Ahmad CEO - Zamalek Club - UAE

" Okrabook is a great booking platform, they are super helpful and offer a great selection of customisable options. The platform provided by Okrabook is adaptable and exciting features are regularly added on. Their customer service is exceptional. "

- Kyle Goodall Swimming Coach - UAE

Okrabook is designed for simplifying and digitalising sports/fitness academies and centres management.