Discover the best way to manage your business.

Increase operational efficiency and productivity and give customer a unique booking journey through our amazing features.

Easy Scheduling

Manage schedule for your services and staff with easy drag and drop option, manage attendance and check ins, communicate with attendees.

Run powerful reports

Get instant access to the numbers that matter on the go, in your hands


Integrate with the software that you are already working with and get all the benefits.

Admin App

Manage your business on the go with feature packed admin app.

User Management

Precisely control what your staff can access.


Your grounds team can view bookings on their phones so everyone’s in the loop.

Set availability

Block out time for internal use such as training sessions or meetings.

Different pricing

Set different (peak, off-peak) prices for the same facility.

Session Rescheduling

Easily reschedule sessions and choose to credit them back to the client.

Priority Support

Have all your queries resolved with our online chat and helpdesk.

Online booking page

Avoid time-consuming signups forms, let the software allow your customer to book their classes with no time.

Branded Client App

Offer clients your own personalised client app to book your services, make payment and view their schedule, attendance and progress.

Online payment

Get paid faster by integrating online payment gateways and sending reminders for outstanding payments.

Track Progress

Allow your member to see their real time progress and leave comments.

Scheduling Deadlines

Set deadlines when clients can book or cancel sessions.

Attendance Tracking

Automate check-in with QR codes and Kiosk Mode

Book 24/7

Round-the-clock online booking so no need to have someone constantly “on-call”

Pay Later

Allow your customer to seamlessly book and skip online payment, collect payment over the site.

Lead Management

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and meet a built-in lead management system that tracks, nurtures, and turns sales leads into paying members.

Automated Communication

Automatically deliver the right messages to the right member at the right time through our SMS and email integration tools.


Retain and attract customers by giving discounts and vouchers.

Marketing Emails

Get instant access to the numbers that matter on the go, in your hands

Push Notifications via SMS/Email

Reminders to staff and clients whenever classes are booked, cancelled or rescheduled. With push notifications on your mobile for new booking information via the admin app.

Zoom Integration

Sell your services online by integration our system with zoom.