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If you want your customer to book assessment before making bookings for specific levels, you can simply set it up by following the below steps.

1.    Create a level under the name of Assessment in the level section.

2.    Put the level under the sports programme that you would like assessment for.

3.    Make sure that Assessment Level is selected in Level Type.

4.    Once created associate it in same term that the booking is required for.

5.    Now just create schedule for the Assessment.

6.    The system will notify customer while booking for that sport that whether you have been assessed or not.

7.    If the customer select no, then then will be routed to assessment timetables.

8.    You will be able to see the assessments that are booked and assign the levels after the assessment.

9.    Once the level is assigned the customer will be notified and they can make the bookings in that level only.

10.    You can change the level at any time by navigating to the Athletes section from the main left main.

11.    Search the first name of the athlete that you want to change the level for and click on their name.

12.    Change the level form the dropdown menu and click submit.

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