Did You Know?

Editing Sessions

You can change the booked session timing, day, and venue.

To change the booked session without changing the level, follow the below steps.

1.    Go to the bookings.

2.    Click on the 3 vertical dots under action column.

3.    Click on the Edit session.

4.    Make sure that all previous attendance is marked before editing the sessions otherwise it will replace all unmarked sessions and cannot be resorted.

5.    To avoid changes to the amount and invoice, make sure the same number of sessions are selected and the same remaining weeks are considered.

6.    You will be able to see the summary of sessions booked, not marked, and remaining.

7.    Select the venue from the dropdown.

8.    Select the new sessions and get the summary.

9.    After reviewing the summary then press edit to save the changes.

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