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Creating Terms

You can provide your services throughout the year under customized term or specific dates under termly term.

Under termly basis you bound you customer to book for the whole/reminder of the term at the same time of the week.

To create term, follow the below steps.

1.    Click on the “Terms” option in the left main menu.

2.    Click on the right blue button and press create term.

3.    Enter the title (Term 1, Spring Term).

4.    Specify the term start and end date.

5.    Specify the booking opening and closing date, it can be couple of weeks before the term start or end date.

6.    You can also have break during the term.

7.    You can set the term as active or unactive, only active term will be shown to customer for bookings.

Once the term is created, you can associate various programmes and facilities to that term.

To link various programmes and facilities to that term, follow the below steps.

1.    In All Terms page, click on the blue title of the term.

2.    Click on Add Association.

3.    Select the programme and add facilities that will run in the given term.

4.    You can edit/delete the programme and facilities that are already associated/linked to the term.

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