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Setting up your organisation:

Once you have signed up, set up your organization within minutes and get ready to roll.

1.    Settings (3 minutes)

General - put in your address, set your time zone and currency.

Taxes - define taxes that may need to be added to your invoice.

Invoice format: customise your invoices content that will be sent to your customers.

Themes – put your logo, background pictures, and set your theme colour.

Roles – define roles and access rights for each role.

Designation – define the designation of your employee to grant specific access.

Locations – add the different locations (city, area) you will be providing services.

Facilities – add the different facilities (pitch, swimming pool, classroom) that will be available within each venue.

Venues – add the different venues (sites, schools, grounds) that you will be offering your services from.

2.    Employee (2 minutes)

Easily add, both, your teaching and non-teaching employees. Define their roles and designation (they will receive email to join and get access to your platform).

3.    Sports and levels (services offering) (3 minutes).

Sports – add all the different sports that you are offering.

Programmes – add different programmes within each sport (learn to swim, advance, ladies only).

Levels – define the different levels (classes) that will be within each programme (L1, L2, L3).

Terms – create different terms to let your customer book for the term.

Timetables – create simple drag and drop timetables for your customer to book.

And in just 8 minutes we are ready to roll.

Getting started

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